Your social memory.

You know all those birthdays you forget? And when you last called your grandmother? When you last had coffee with that ex-colleague? Who did you lend that book to again?

Try Monica

Monica makes it easy to remember everything about your friends and family.

Add important information about people you care about

Do you remember the names of kids of the people you care about? Their birthdates? Or even the name of the significant other? Monica lets you remember them easily.

Keep track of important dates

Monica will remind you by email every important dates about each one of your contact. It can be about an anniversary, or to simply go out with your friend.

Record all activities done together.

Monica lets you record all the activities you’ve done with your friends, sorted by categories. You’ll always remember the last time you’ve done something with someone.

Here are everything you can do with Monica

  • Manage significant others
  • Manage food preferencies
  • Important dates about someone
  • Reminders by emails
  • Todos and tasks about someone
  • Gifts management
  • Record activities done with someone
  • Information about the children

Why Monica?

Monica is for people who have jobs, a family and are busy trying to find a good work/life balance. So busy, that they don’t have time anymore to remember to call a friend, say happy birthday to a nephew, or remember to invite someone special to come eat dinner next week. The older we get, the more life gets in the way. It’s sad, but it’s just a matter of priorities. I’ve created Monica to help these people.

Monica is not for everyone. It’s probably not targeted at people who see their friends every day and have a super busy social life.

Monica is not a social network. It’s not Facebook. It’s for your eyes only.

Monica is the first real Friends Relationship Management out there.

Ready to get started?

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