Have more meaningful relationships.

You know all those birthdays you forget? When did you last call your grandmother? When did you have coffee with that ex-colleague? Who did you lend that book to again?

In today’s crazy world, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of what people important to you are doing with their lives.

Monica solves this problem.

We are a Personal Relationship Management (PRM) system, designed to help you have more meaningful relationships with people who matter.

  • You won't forget important information about your loved ones.
  • You’ll have one central place to store information, accessible from everywhere.
  • Monica is so simple to use, your grandfather would understand it.

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How does Monica help you build more meaningful relationships?


Record important information

Record job information, the names and birthdays of children and significant others, addresses, and social profiles. Even food preferences.

Add reminders and manage tasks

Recieve automatic reminders for special dates, such as birthdays, or dates you've entered yourself. Monica also comes with a personal task manager allowing you to keep track of tasks on a friend-by-friend basis.

Remember activities done together

Want to remember the last time you’ve done something interesting with your friend, and when you’ve done it? Monica allows you to record what you did, who with, and when you did it.

Never forget a gift or a debt

Keep track of which gift you’ve offered to your friend’s child for her 8th birthday. Or gift ideas that you have for Paul’s spouse next year. Monica also lets you manage debts that you owe to someone, or that this person owes to you.

Who Monica is for?

Here are a few real-life examples of how people use Monica to improve thier lives.

People suffering from Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's is a terrible disease, characterized by memory loss. Because Monica lets you record everything about the people you love, people with Alzheimer are able to keep a record of who's who, and what they've done with them.

People with very busy lives

Like most, these people care a lot about their loved ones but are so busy that they often forget important events and details. Monica helps to mitigate this by acting as a central repository for this information.

People with Asperger syndrome

Asperger syndrom is a subtype of autism, that amongst other things, affects social interactions. Monica helps people with Aspergers to track and maintain relationships with the ones they love.

Monica is incredibly simple to use and available from anywhere.

There is no need for a manual. Sign in, add your contacts, and add the information about them. That’s it.

Access Monica from any computer, or mobile device. Anywhere you’ll go, you’ll have the information about your loved ones with you.


Monica is open-source and has a great community.

As well as utilising open-source tools, Monica - is open-source itself. That means the code is freely available on GitHub.

The benefits of open-source are numerous: the code gets scrutinized by thousands of eyes; bugs are fixed faster; and features are more robust.

From our roadmap to our issue tracker, everything we do is open to public eyes. We believe that transparency makes a difference.

Why Monica?

Monica is for people who have jobs, a family, and are busy trying to find a good work/life balance. So busy, that they don’t have time anymore to remember to call a friend, say happy birthday to a nephew, or remember to invite someone special for dinner next week. The older we get the more life gets in the way. It’s sad, but it’s the reality. I created Monica to help these people.

Monica is not for everyone. It’s probably not targeted at people who see their friends every day and have an incredibly busy social life.

Monica is not a social network. It's not Facebook. It's for your eyes only.

Use our hosted version, or host it yourself.

We care deeply about privacy. If you prefer to be in total control of your data, install Monica on your own server.


We host it for you


We take care of everything. Always have the latest version of Monica. Create your account and enjoy.


Use Homestead


Laravel Homestead is an official, pre-packaged Vagrant box that provides a wonderful development environment.


Deploy on Heroku


We provide a one-click installer on Heroku.


Deploy with Docker


Docker lets you install Monica easily, with very little configuration.

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