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09 November 2017

  • Add the ability to mark a contact as deceased
  • Add the ability to indicate how you've met someone

29 October 2017

  • Add a button to `Save and add another contact` straight from the Add contact screen
  • Add the ability to indicate how you've met someone
  • Add first version of the API
  • Upgrade codebase to Laravel 5.5

21 October 2017

  • Add ability to add an activity to multiple people at the same time.

15 August 2017

  • Add support for Markdown on Notes and Log Calls.

14 August 2017

  • Add ability to set significant other and kids as "real" contacts and not partial contacts.
  • Add Italian translation.
  • Add German translation.
  • Add debt total below a contacts debt.
  • Add world currencies.

25 July 2017

  • Add ability to search various fields in contacts through the top-nav search.

18 July 2017

  • Add Indian rupee currency.
  • Add Danish krone currency.
  • Add Czech translation.

13 July 2017

  • Add ability to keep track of phone calls.

04 July 2017

  • Add supprort for organizing people into tags.
  • Add ability to filter contacts per tags on the contact list.

02 July 2017

  • Update the design of the latest actions on the dashboard.
  • Speed up the display of the contact lists when there is a lot of contacts in the account.

29 June 2017

  • Add import from vCard (or .vcf) in the Settings panel.
  • Add ability to reset account. Resetting an account will remove everything - but won't close the account like deletion would.

24 June 2017

  • On the people's tab, filters are now placed above the table.

22 June 2017

  • Add ability to define name order (Firstname Lastname or Lastname Firstname) in the Settings panel.

20 June 2017

  • Add support for mutiple users in one account.

16 June 2017

  • Add automatic reminders when setting a birthdate When adding a birthdate (contact, kid, significant other). When updating or deleting the person, the reminder will be changed accordingly.

15 June 2017

  • Add reminder automatically when you set the birthdate of a contact.
  • Add timezone for Switzerland.

14 June 2017

  • Add ability to edit a note.
  • Add ability to edit a debt.
  • Add support for South African ZAR currency.

13 June 2017

  • Add job information and company name for your contacts.
  • Gifts now display comments if defined, as well as who the gift is for.

12 June 2017

  • Add Export to SQL feature, under Settings > Export data.
  • You can now deploy your own instance to Heroku if you want to host the application yourself using a one-click button.

10 June 2017

  • Add support for other currencies (CAD $, EUR €, GBP £, RUB ₽) for the gifts and debts section. This is set in the User setting. Default is USD $.
  • Add ability to define main social network accounts to a contact (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

09 June 2017

  • Add Russian translation.
  • Add Portuguese (Brazil) translation.

08 June 2017

  • Dramatically reduce the number of queries necessary to load the list of contacts on the People's tab.
  • Phone number are now treated like a string and not integers on the front-end side.
  • Add Gravatar support for contacts with no photos.
  • Fix US typos.

07 June 2017

  • Add ability to delete a contact
  • Add third gender option Rather not say, along with Man and Woman. This new field is also the default option when adding someone.
  • Add ability to disable signups entirely in a Monica instance (useful for self-hosted solution) with an env variable set in .env file.
  • Google Analytics and Intercom scripts are now not printed if env variables are not set for them.
  • Fix some grammar errors.
  • When seeding the database, the countries table is now truncated.
  • Contact page now shows in the title HTML tag the name of the person so it's easier to see in the browser with multiple opened tabs.

06 June 2017

  • Thanks to the community, a lot of bugs have been solved already. More fixes will be submitted soon.
  • Remove age limitation when adding the birthdate of someone (significan other, contact, kid).
  • Posted on Hacker News. I got a shit load of traffic and new users, and a lot of bugs that I will need to fix very quickly. Thanks for trying me out, and thanks for all the kind words.

05 June 2017

  • Add a new dashboard that displays more useful information (not mobile optimized at the moment).

02 June 2017

  • Simplify the list of users.

30 May 2017

  • You can now manage debts - money you've borrowed from friends, or money they owe you.

29 May 2017

  • Change how reminders work.
  • When adding a kid or significant other's birthdates, a reminder is now automatically created.

03 May 2017

  • Force HTTPS on all page load.
  • The marketing site is now on a different server and has been moved out from the main application.
  • Refactor of how child are managed for a given contact. I hope I've fixed most bugs around this part.

02 May 2017

  • Change the structure of the page when viewing a contact.

15 February 2017

  • Add reminders for the next 30 days on the dashboard.

14 February 2017

  • Add counters in all tabs in the contact view.
  • Localize multiple terms that were not in the translation system.

13 February 2017

  • Adding a note is now done on a separate page.

12 February 2017

  • Add a personal diary feature.

11 February 2017

  • Add a search bar to contact list.
  • Add ability to add photos to contacts.

10 February 2017

  • Major rewrite (again). This change was needed to add unit tests to the application. Most of the code is now tested automatically. I hope you will encounter less bugs from now on.
  • The application is now open source.
  • Slight redesign of the contact view.
  • Redesign of the contact list.

14 January 2017

  • Contacts have now their own avatars, composed of their initials.

02 January 2017

  • New marketing website. Happy new year.

27 December 2016

  • Add a newsletter. Please subscribe to be informed of what's new, straight in your inbox.

25 December 2016

  • Add a better list of contacts. The list is now sortable and searchable.
  • Add a better layout on mobile for the header.

22 December 2016

  • Add gift management. You can now track gifts you would like to offer to someone, or gifts you already offered.
  • Fix a bug about the display of number of kids in the People list

12 December 2016

  • Add French translation. The translation system is now in place and I'll be able to translate the application in any language from now on.

09 December 2016

  • Add first version of the dashboard. The second version will add statistics.

06 December 2016

  • Major redesign of the application. It took me a lot of time. This will allow to add features more easily.

28 October 2016

  • Add encryption for all the data in the database. If the database is stolen or the information leaked, data are unreadable without the encryption key.

26 October 2016

  • Add weather information for the city the contact lives in
  • Add ability to set an address for a contact

25 October 2016

  • Add better support for using Monica on your mobile phone. It should work better now.

23 October 2016

  • Add better icons in the application. I'll add more icons in the coming days to add more life to the interface.

22 October 2016

  • When you delete your account, it now truly deletes it completely from the database. No possible recoveries.
  • Add public statistics page.

20 October 2016

  • Add ability to define food preferences
  • Add ability to choose between a full width layout or a smaller one (activated through Settings page).
  • Add ability to update the name of a contact.
  • Add privacy policy page.

14 October 2016

  • Add ability to delete account.
  • Add release notes page.

09 October 2016

  • First release of Monica to the public after months of hard work.

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